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DEC Publications and Resources


A summary of DEC program publications and informational resources available to the public

Air Qualtiy & Climate Division Publications
Air Matters is the Vermont Air Quality & Climate Division's publication dedicated to air quality related issues of the day. Other documents are available in the following categories: Acid Rain , Emission Monitoring, General Information, Global Warming, Mercury, Mobile Sources, Open Burning, Ozone Permitting, Regulatory Wood Stoves.

Environmental Assistance Publications
The Environmental Assistance office has a variety of programs that provide factsheets, brochures, worksheets, guides and handbooks such as:

Vermont Permit Handbook This handbook provides an in-depth compilation of information on most Department of Environmental Conservation permit programs and many other Vermont and federal regulatory programs that may be required for your project or business.
"Do you need a State Permit?" - brochure  PDF
Small Business Compliance Assistance Factsheets
The Small Business Compliance Assistance Program (SBCAP) was created to assist Vermont's regulated community in achieving compliance with environmental regulations and promoting cooperation between the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the regulated community.
Municipal Compliance Assistance Program
The Municipal Compliance Assistance Program (MCAP) was developed to be a resource for municipalities, to help identify and understand state and federal environmental regulations with which they must comply. MCAP operates independently of the Department's regulatory programs. Assistance services are provided at no cost to the municipality and are confidential.
Pollution Prevention Planning
The purpose of Pollution Prevention Planning is to identify opportunities to reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous waste and the use of toxic chemicals at the source rather than treating or controlling these materials after they have been created or used. Vermont's Pollution Prevention Planning law requires businesses that exceed certain thresholds to complete pollution prevention plans. The Pollution Prevention Program has prepared a series of worksheets with instructions and a guidance document to assist businesses that are subject to the law with the development of a plan.
Mercury Education & Reduction Campaign

The Mercury Education & Reduction Campaign (MERC) was developed by EAD to increase awareness of the environmental and health impacts of mercury and to reduce mercury pollution at its source. MERC also administers Vermont's mercury-added product labeling law.
Green Hotels in the Green Mountain State
Vermont's Green Hotels and Environmental Partners are using sound environmental management practices to reduce their impacts on the environment, improve their bottom line and satisfy customer demand for environmentally conscious lodging establishments. The Green Hotels in the Green Mountain State program provides assistance to Innkeepers desiring to achieve these goals
ANR Riparian Buffer Guidance Documents - The Agency of Natural Resources adopted the revised Riparian Buffer Guidance (12/09/05) and issued associated Riparian Buffers and Corridors Technical Papers. The Guidance is for use by Agency staff in establishing Agency recommendations and testimony in the Act 250 process; and assisting applicants in designing Act 250-regulated projects that incorporate appropriate buffer zone widths for protecting riparian functions. More detailed technical information on the functions and values of riparian corridors is included in the series of Technical Papers

Facilities Engineering Division Publications
including the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program publications

Vermont Geological Survey Publications Catalog
The Vermont Geological Survey publishes maps and reports about the geology and topography of Vermont. The publications catalog includes technical publications and a number of general interest booklets and provides internet access to many of the published maps. Links to digital maps are also listed.

Waste Management & Prevention Division Publications
The Waste Management & Prevention Division offers information on its programs in the form of guidance documents and fact sheets. Topics include: Sites Management, Waste Generation & Management, Underground Storage Tanks, Soild Waste Management, Construction Waste Reduction and a variety of Fact Sheets: Federal Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Regulation, W ashwater Discharges from Vehicle Washing, Managing Waste Paint Booth Filters, Managing Treated Wood Waste, Fluorescent Lamps: Handling and Disposal Guidelines, Waste Mercury-Added Devices: Handling & Disposal Guidelines, USDOT Regulation Affects Hazardous Waste Generators, Used Oil, Shop Rags & Oily Wastes, Oil Filters, Antifreeze, Parts Cleaning Solvent, Paints & Thinners, Spills, Floor Drains, Lead Acid Batteries

Drinking Water & Groundwater Protection Division
Some Wastewater permitting programs go through a public comment process prior to making final determination on an application. Public notices, fact sheets and draft permits/certifications (on the Watershed Management Division site) for applications currently under consideration are available in PDF format and may be downloaded. The public notice document describes the proposed activity being regulated and explains how to submit comments. Conditions for conducting the proposed activity can be found in the draft permit or certification.

Division publications include the semi-annual newsletter The Waterline, guidance documents and handbooks for drinking water systems and operators, planning documents, and training information.

Watershed Management Division Resources Online Searchable Database
The Watershed Management Division Resources searchable database includes hundreds of published reports, fact sheets, brochures, videos and other media available from the Watershed Management Division. The database is searchable by keyword, title, topic, year, media type or division section.

In addition to the Resources Database, the Division has a page for Public Notices, Public Meetings, and Draft Documents. This page allows you to search for information on current activities of the Watershed Management Division: notices of public hearings or other public meetings, draft or final regulatory decisions, and recently-issued documents (i.e., permits, decisions, plans).


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