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Sites Management Section
Vermont Hazardous Sites Database

Waste Management Interactive Database (WM-ID)

The hazardous waste sites list has been replaced by the Waste Management Interactive Database (WM-ID) and is now available for public use. The WM-ID is updated on a daily basis and allows for users to identify and check the current status of hazardous waste sitesin Vermont. The WM-ID also hosts available PDF documents that are relative to the site conditions in addition to viewing the site location on the Agency's Natural Resources Atlas mapping application.

ANR Natural Resources Atlas:
ANR Natural Resources Atlas

Geographic locations of all hazardous waste sites are projected on the Agency's Natural Resources Atlas mapping application. In addition to viewing the spatial attributes of a site, other important environmental datasets can also be projected in tandem, allowing for a more inclusive environmental assesment. Other related datasets consist of the underground storage tank layer, streams and water bodies, the "well driller" water supply layer, and many more. The hazardous waste sites layer is updated on a weekly schedule. Click here to launch the ANR Natural Resources Atlas.

A KML layer of hazardous waste sites can be downloaded here.
(Requires Google Earth)



In 1991, the Hazardous Sites database and the Petroleum Sites database were consolidated. This list includes petroleum as well as non-petroleum sites. Prior to database consolidation, different site numbering systems were used. In order to minimize confusion, the petroleum site numbering system was adopted. This system consists of a two or four digit prefix (year site was identified) and a four digit (site specific) number. All sites identified since January 1, 1991 have been consecutively numbered beginning with 911000. Sites identified prior to January 1, 1991, have retained their previously assigned site identification numbers. Due to database requirements for a six digit site number, the non-petroleum sites identified prior to January 1, 1991 have a 77 prefix added to their previously assigned site identification numbers.

If you have any questions about the database, or need further information on a specific site, please feel free to contact Chuck.Schwer@state.vt.us, or another member of the Sites Management Section staff at:
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Waste Management Division
Sites Management Section
1 National Life Drive, Davis 1
phone:(802) 828-1138

If you would like to schedule an appointment to review state files, please contact Cheryl Hamilton at the same address and phone number, or via email at: Cheryl.Hamilton@state.vt.us

Below are acronyms that site managers commonly utilize in site status updates:
Vermont Hazardous Sites List Abbreviation KEY
* * Indicates a National Priorities List (Superfund) Site
ACL Alternative Concentration Limits
CAP Corrective Action Plan
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response,
Compensation & Liability Act
CERCLIS Comprehensive Environmental Response,
Compensation & Liability Act Information System
DEC Department of Environmental Conservation
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPI Environmental Priorities Initiative
ESA Environmental Site Assessment
ESI Expanded Site Inspection
EXPRESSWAY Investigation proceeding without state approved workplan
GW Groundwater
HRS Hazardous Ranking System
IP In Progress
LF Landfill
LSI Listing Site Inspection
MW Monitoring Well
NPL National Priorities List
NUS Nuclear Utility Services (EPA Contractor)
PA Preliminary Assessment
PCB Polychlorinated Biphenyl
PCS Petroleum Contaminated Soil
RCRA Resource Conservation & Recovery Act
RFA RCRA Facility Assessment
RP Responsible Party
RI/FS Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
ROD Record of Decision
SI Site Inspection
SIP Site Inspection Prioritization
SMS Sites Management Section
SSI Screening Site Inspection
SVE/SVS Soil Vapor Extraction/Soil Vapor System
SW Surface Water
UST Underground Storage Tank
VSPS Vermont Sites Priority System





VT DEC Waste Management & Prevention Division 1 National Life Drive - Davis 1  Montpelier, VT  05620-3704  Tele: 802-828-1138   Fax: 802-828-1011

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