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Solid Waste Management Program

The solid waste program oversees laws, rules, policies, and planning related to solid waste management in the state. It regulates solid waste management facilities and activities and certifies the state's landfills, transfer stations, haulers, composting, and recycling facilities. The program also provides solid waste technical and financial assistance to towns and solid waste districts and ensures remediation of illegal disposal sites.




Click here for Universal Recycling Information

Find information about Vermont's newest solid waste legislation and how it affects you.

Find information on solid waste permits

Need a permit for an exisitng or new solid waste facility or event? Click here.

Waste Transporter Permitting

Do you haul solid waste, recyclables, organics, or hazardous waste in Vermont? Click here for permit information.


Report from Solid Waste Infrastructure Advisory Committee submitted to Legislature---February 2015
The report linked above was submitted to the General Assembly in early February on behalf of the Solid Waste Infrastructure Advisory Committee (SWIAC), a diverse stakeholder group assigned to look at Vermont's solid waste infrastructure needs and potential costs for implementing Universal Recycling (Act 148).

Registration Form Available for Primary Battery Manufacturers Selling Product in Vermont---January 2015
battery registration button
Click on the button above to access the registration form, or visit the manufacturer's section of the Household Batteries web page for details on Vermont's new primary battery stewardship legislation.

Vermont Department of Health issues proposed health advisory for "DETA" (Dietheylenetriamine) --January 12, 2015
A public notice from the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) has been released to solicit comments on a proposed Vermont Health Advisory (VHA) for the compound Dietheylenetriamine (DETA). All documents---including the public notice, a monograph of the proposed VHA, and background documentation---can be downloaded in ZIP folder here.

Special Waiver Tax Code for Hazardous Waste Transporters Shipping Post-Consumer Paint Out-Of-State -- October 1, 2014

In order to support the aims of the Paint Stewardship Law (Act 58) passed in 2013, the tax department has issued a waiver for taxes that are usually imposed upon the shipping of hazardous material out-of-state. Post-consumer paint collected through the PaintCare program can now be listed on a manifest using a new tax code that supports convenient and cost-effective paint recovery in Vermont.

FINAL Vermont Materials Management Plan: Moving from Solid Waste towards Materials Management - June 2014

It's here! The final version of the Materials Management Plan (MMP) amends the previous solid waste management plan which was readopted in 2006. The state-wide MMP includes significant changes to the structure and layout of the previous plan. It is based on five material specific chapters, and a chapter addressing general planning needs. Each chapter contains tools of action, state goals, and performance standards. The state goals and performance standards establish deliverables for the planning period that include reporting, outreach and education, and convenience requirements.

This final MMP includes revisions that incorporate recommendations from an ANR solid waste stakeholder group that convened in 2008, as well as suggestions submitted during a 30-day public comment period held in February 2014. For more information on the planning process and adoption of the final MMP, see the Materials Management Plan webpage.

Vermont legislature passes first primary battery stewardship bill in nation - May 2014

Product stewardship programs are emerging all over the country, and Vermont is leading the way by requiring all household battery manufacturers that sell product in Vermont to develop and implement a statewide collection program by 2016. Read more about H.695 above.


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