Agency Central Office
Legal Division

The Legal Division provides legal assistance and counsel to the Agency's three departments. These responsibilities include drafting and reviewing policies and permits, rulemaking and providing general advice on Agency matters. Agency attorneys also represent the Agency in Act 250 proceedings and litigation before the Environmental Court and other administrative bodies. A separate legal and investigative unit provides the enforcement function for the Agency.

ANR Legal Division Staff
ANR General Counsel Jennifer Duggan 802-828-1294
Senior Environmental Litigation Attorney Judith Dillon 802-595-2585
Act 250 Attorney Elizabeth Lord 802-249-1904
Litigation Attorney
Donald Einhorn 802-249-1720
Department General Counsel -
Environmental Conservation
Matt Chapman 802-249-4393
Department General Counsel -
Fish & Wildlife
Catherine Gjessing 802-595-3331
Department General Counsel -
Forests, Parks & Recreation
Meghan Purvee 802-241-3670
Senior Attorney -
Environmental Conservation
Anne Whiteley 802-585-4886
Staff Attorney - Air Pollution Megan O' Toole 802-249-9882
Staff Attorney - Watershed Management Elizabeth McDonald 802-490-6102
Staff Attorney - Watershed Management Leslie Welts 802-490-6103
Staff Attorney - Environmental Conservation Jordan Gonda 802-338-7522
Compliance & Enforcement Division

Director, Compliance & Enforcement Division

Gary Kessler 802-498-7891
Staff Attorney - Enforcement John Zaikowski 802-522-5438
Staff Attorney - Enforcement Randy Miller 802-272-1744
Acting Chief Environmental
Enforcement Officer
Sean McVeigh 802-371-8048


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